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Friday, January 15, 2010

DAY 4: I'm on an Island!

Last night was an adventure, for SURE! The Gili Islands are known for power outages, and we had one! While we were eating dinner, the power went off on the ENTIRE island and it was pitch black! I was dying to take a shower, so I showered in the dark, with freezing cold water! Gotta love traveling!

I have to include this picture of the bathroom in my bungalow! Have you ever seen such a huge shower?! It's too bad they didn't put a sink in that huge area! Oh, and the water you shower with here is all salt water! :)

It rained all night last night, with loud clangs of thunder and lightning every couple minutes! Believe it or not, my bungalow was completely water resistant! :) Pretty cool looking, huh?!

It rained most of the morning too... :( But we were both so happy to be on vacation that we didn't really care!

We took a little walk on the sand during low tide to look for shells in between the rain storms. I've definitely found my match when it comes to shell searching! Aaron is quite the pro!

Check out this gigantic crab we found!

I've never, in my entire life (that I can remember), held a live starfish!
It started to rain again, so we thought we'd eat some breakfast... When we ordered at the restaurant by my place, the guy said "Ok, I smoke (marijuana) 1st, then I cook. Okay?" haha! Gotta love the honesty. Apparently it's completely fine to smoke on these islands...
We decided we'd walk a little further and ended up ducking into this little pagoda and ordered some breakfast! 1 banana pancake and some fruit please!

Aaron ordered some eggs, and this lady, who was taking our order was smiling and said, "Eggs. Oh, I don't know that!" She was definitely high from smoking marijuana!

There was no electricty the entire morning, and since their water is pumped through pipes which need elecricty, there was no water either! So, I brushed my teeth outside on my porch with my water bottle!

At 3:00pm, we caught the boat to Gili Meno! (Just barely too! We had to run!)
We had no idea where to stay when we arrived, so we jumped on this pony drawn carriage and rode until we found a place!

Our driver recommened Sunset Gecko, so we let him lead us there! I like to think we are 2 of the luckiest people alive, because the beachfront "Honeymoon Suite" was available and it had 2 rooms and overlooked the beach, all for the measley price of $37.00 a night! Um, YES PLEASE! Split between the 2 of us, that's 18.50 night!

We thought it was kind of ironic that it was called the Honeymoon suite because there is a bedroom upstairs and one downstairs... Maybe it's for those newly married fights, when the husband moves to the other room! None the less, it was perfect for us!

Here's my room!

The view from my staircase!

Our bathroom/shower is outside! Pretty awesome huh?! I took a shower before dinner and then Aaron took one after me. The water ran out before he was finished! haha. They only have a small supply of fresh water at this hotel. We're hoping we can get some more tomorrow!
Ahh, reminds me of Korea...

This place is extremely eco friendly! So much so that I had to wash my hair with a bar of all natural soap!
We took a walk down the beach and found all these sand dollars!
Sunset from my balcony!
There are lots of baby kitties around here! 
We had dinner at our place with the 4 other people who are staying there. This island is pretty secluded and small. It only takes about 2 hours to walk around the entire thing. There's really nothing to do, so most people don't come here... but we love it! From left to right: Aaron, Baola and Max (Barcelona, Spain), Michelle, and Luis (Frankfurt, Germany). We had a great dinner and an awesome time meeting and talking about life and traveling!
We definitely love Gili Meno!

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