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Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 6: Shell Searching!

We both woke up around 8:30am and ordered breakfast at our place! I'll bet you can guess what we ate! Yep, banana pancakes! :)

We put on our bathing suits and decided to take a walk around the island! We walked about 45 minutes and the water was calling our names, so we jumped in and swam for an hour or so here! There were only 2 other people in the water, and they were at least 200 feet away! This place is basically a deserted island!

Aaron and I revert back to our childhood, fairly often, when we're together. Case in point, we played a game called "Pick it up with your toe" that we made up! We would create a category, ie: the biggest piece of coral, and we would each try to pick it up with our toes in the water. The best one would win!

When we had had enough swimming, we decided to keep walking... This is when the shell searching began! We found some of the most amazing shells laying in these mounds of coral on the shoreline.

We're so proud of them, we took plenty of pictures for you to see! You can't find these in Huntington!

This was our first find of the day! (I found this one!)

I found this one too!

Aaron found this one! He said it's his favorite.

He found this one too! This one is my favorite!

As we were walking around the island, a storm started brewing over the water, so, we knew it was time to kick it into high gear and get back to our place! We had cameras to protect!

When we got back, it was pouring! We have definitely come during rainy season! We were peaking out the wooden slatted shutters in my room at some people who were showering out in the rain, and were thinking, "They're crazy!" But, then we thought, no, we're crazy! We have sea water all over us! Let's take showers in the rain! So, we went out, with our bathing suits on, and showered in the rain! It was one of the coolest things I've ever done!

After the rain settled, I layed in the hammock and read for a while...

... then decided to walk into town to see if the internet was working! Unfortunately, it wasn't up and running, but I was able to get some great pictures of some locals!

For such a small island, with such little resources, we were shocked at their expansive menus! Where the heck does all this food come from!?

We decided to have dinner at Good Heart Bungalow; the hotel next to ours. The food was awesome! It was a great ending to an awesome relaxing day on the island!

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