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Friday, December 25, 2009

Kimbap Class!

Remember when I went to Stella's Saturday class and learned how to make kimbap with her 6th grade students?  Well, today, I got my kimbap making lesson # 2 from my Vice Principal and his wife! I met them at the local grocery store, to learn where I could find each kimbap ingredient!

I'm including these pictures so you can see what the nice indoor grocery store by my house looks like!

This is my Vice Principal and his wife picking out the O'dang (fish).

Choosing just the right package of radish and wood root (Yes, we eat wood in kimbap) is important!

... and last, but certainly not least, my Vice Principal's wife, picking out a package of kim (dried seaweed).

Finally, we had all of our supplies and were ready to check out.  When we got to the front of the line, they insisted I put my wallet away and allow them to pay!  I was very thankful, of course!

We then walked back to my apartment and got started!  Since this was kind of like a class for me, I think it's only fair that I teach you how to make kimbap too, so you can eat it in the US!

How to host a successful Korean Kimbap Lunch Party!

Make sure to have some fresh O'dang (fish).  You'll need this for your appetizers and for your kimbap.  You can buy it in Korean stores in a package.  Cut it into strips and triangles, then throw it in a pan with 2 table spoons of canola oil, 1 spoonfull of soy sauce, and a tablespoon of sugar.  Then let it cook until it browns.

Take the imitation crab sticks out of the bag and cut them in 1/2, lengthwise.

If you want ground beef in your kimbap, which we did, cook some ground beef on the stove with oil.

Cut a cucumber into thin strips.

Remember to entertain your male guests while you cook, by turning on the TV and handing them the remote. Remember, if you are a woman, you will be in the kitchen the entire night, and if you are a man, you DO NOT COOK!  It's the culture!

Oh, and never forget to have anju (appetizers) and drinks for your male guest, while they wait.  Yes, this is alcohol, and yes this was lunchtime, and yes, this is VERY NORMAL around here!

When you have taken care of your guests, continue preparing your kimbap ingredients.  Stir 2 raw eggs in a bowl, adding salt and pepper as you stir, and fry it on the stove.  Then cut the "egg pancake" into strips.

Then put 1 can of tuna in a bowl and add mayonaise, salt, and pepper...

Don't forget to make rice! That's an ingredient that can no be left out.  When you cook it, add 2 tablespoons of oil, and 1 tablespoon of vinegar.  This will help it to have the right about of stickiness. 

When the rice it done, lay out a bamboo mat and place 1 piece of kim on it.  Then, spread the rice onto the kim, lightly... don't smoosh it.  And if you can find a smooth plastic spatchula to do this step, that would be best!

Then add the ingedients:  This kimbap had one slice of fried egg, fish, radish, cucumber, and crab meat.

This one had two mint leaves and some tuna.... I added some egg, cucumber, ground beef, and crab meat after this picture was taken.  This one was D-licious!!!

Keep adding as many ingredients as you want!   The more creative, the better!  You can try steaming carrots and putting those in, mushrooms, turkey, cheese, tomato, etc... Whatever you think sounds good!

Then wrap it up... or as they say "chak, chak, loll."

And wala... you're finished and ready to try your delicious korean kimbap creation!  If you want to eat it like a Korean, have someone else feed you!  Yes, this is common!  Just go with it... 

Then, give your friends a big arm hug and enjoy your kimbap lunch party!

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