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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Making a list... and checking it twice!

Well, Christmas is here, and I stuck to accomplishing my Christmas to do list, and did it! ENJOY! I know I did!!!

1. Go Ice Skating!
There's no picture, because I haven't gone yet! (I know, I know... I just said I accomplished everything... I lied - a little.) But don't worry, Jess, Carlos, Aaron and I have already planned an ice skating adventure for New Years Eve at Yeongdo-Island! ... pictures to come!!

2. Watch It's a Wonderful Life!
It took me 3 nights to get through this movie; not because I didn't like it, but because I was wrapped up in a blanket each night... and if you know me well, you know that once I'm cuddled up with a blanket, there's no turning back - I'm out for the night!

3. Exchange gifts with someone!
My best friend Aaron and I exchanged gifts this year! We didn't realize how many care packages we would each receive from family and friends leading up to Christmas and thought we might only have each others presents to open on Christmas morning, which is why there are so many gifts! :)

4. Make and mail Christmas cards!
I handmade 10 to be exact! :)

5. Download one new Christmas Album!
I didn't end up downloading an album this year. I actually bought a CD instead! Does anyone do that anymore?! It's actually a Korean-English Christmas CD that I heard playing in a store near my place! I figure it'll be a fun thing to bring back to America to listen to, to remember my Christmas in Korea!

6. Make hot chocolate and marshmallows!

7. Host a Christmas Eve Dinner Party!
Jess, Carlos, and Aaron (my Korean family) came over for Christmas Eve dinner! We each had our own part in the food! Jess made an awesome pumpkin, squash, sweet potato thingy, I made regular mashed poatoes and steamed some vegetables, Aaron brought an entire WHOLE fried chicken, and Carlos made fried banana desert!

After dinner, things quickly turned into a dance party!!

8. Put up a ribbon sash for Christmas cards!
My walls are cement, so hanging a ribbon sash was unfortunately, not an option. So, I scratched the idea and taped everything to my fridge instead! These were all cards and letters sent from family and friends from the US! :)

9. Give my apartment manager a present!
Soap is one of the most common gifts given for Christmas. So, I wrapped up a box of 6 lavendar soaps and some sweet popcorn! She loved it!

10. Put up a Christmas Tree
It's small, but it does the job! :)

11. Make a Gingerbread house!
My aunt Barb is awesome! She sent me a box of gingerbread cookie mix, but I couldn't find anyone with an oven... :( So, I had to resort to making a graham cracker house instead! Oh, and I couldn't find any frosting, or powdered sugar to make some, so I used peanut butter instead! I'm getting used to improvising around here!


12. Make a popcorn garland!
I didn't end up making a garland this year. Instead, Jess came over and we made sweet popcorn (butter, sugar, salt, and cinnamon) for our coworkers as little Christmas gifts! mmmmm

13. Read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!
While I didn't get around to reading the book, I did watch this clip on that counts, right?!

14. Sing (or listen) to my favorite Christmas songs!
Diana Krall's Christmas album was my favorite this year... Mariah Carey's came in at a close 2nd, and the lovely Taylor Swift was 3rd in my book this year!

15. Go out and see public light displays !
These are the Christmas decorations in Nampodong, my favorite outdoor market in Busan!

16. Read the Christmas story from the Bible (or from my laptop, to be exact)!
It was the first thing I did Christmas morning, even before eating breakfast or opening presents under my tree!

17. Sew a stocking and fill it with candy!
Jess came over and we hand sewed stockings together! I made 4. One for me, Jess, Mayo (Carlos), and Aaron. The 4 of us are like 4 peas in a pod and are always together... so I made one for each of us! (The plaid fabric was cut from a skirt I bought for the equivalent of $1.5o at a thrift store in Gukje Market!)

18. Go to a seasonal movie!
Aaron, Me, Jess, and Mayo all went to a DVD Bang in Nampodong and watched "Polar Express." I definitely wouldn't recommend it! The look on Mayo's face pretty much sums up how boring it was! Despite the boring plot, Jess and I were still really glad we all went to see a christmas movie together!

19. Host a Christmas Anju (appetizer) party!
My friends from work: Stella, Josh, Lisa, and George, came over and had anju (Korean appetizers and drinks) at my place! We turned the Christmas lights on and listened to Christmas music all night! It was awesome!

20. Write out a Christ-centered goal for the New Year!
"To love God through my actions and continue to live out the teachings of Jesus... To be patient and give of my time more freely, and to always show forgiveness and grace."

21. Have a full traditional breakfast while listening to Christmas music with friends!
Jess and Carlos spent the night and Aaron came over in the morning for a Sunday morning Christmas breakfast in early December! We made potatoes, pancakes, fruit, eggs, bacon, etc! It was absolutely delicious! Diana Krall serenaded us all morning with her Christmas album!

I hope you got out and did some fun things this Christmas season as well... and that you remembered the TRUE reason why we celebrate this season! Happy birthday Jesus! Merry Christmas!

Peace. Love. Joy.

From Korea,

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