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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

WOW, That Was a Close Call!

Yesterday, I was waiting for a taxi, outside my school, when 2 older Korean women came up to me with huge smiles! They bowed to me and said "Younga sun seng neim. Kamsamnida!" (English teacher, thank you!) I'm guessing they were probably grandmothers of some of my students.

Anyhow, they were carrying about 10 of these huge drink bottles, so I asked what they were. Since they couldn't explain in English, they simply offered me two! It looked disgusting, and I felt bad taking them, because I knew I wouldn't be able to drink all of it, but I figured I could take it to school, and someone at school was bound to have been a fan of this yucky looking brown drink! So, I thanked them profusely and said goodbye.

When I got in the taxi, I took one of the bottles out of the bag, and noticed there was a pamphlet inside the bag, explaining what the drink was.

Low and behold, IT WASN'T A DRINK!! It was cleaning detergent!! Talk about a close call... I was going to drink it, and share it with the people at my school! Yikes, huh?!

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