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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bugok Hawaii

This weekend, Jess and I treated ourselves to a relaxing day at Bugok Hawaii, a multi-complex resort about an hour and a half north of Pusan! We jumped on a bus to Bugok city, that cost us the equivalent of 5 dollars, and relaxed, enjoying the scenery and reading gossip magazines that Amy sent me! (Again Amy, "thank you!")

We're here!! There's the front!

What we didn't realize was how much this place had to offer! We knew it had a spa, hot springs, and a botanical garden... but we literally could have spent the entire weekend here and not seen everything! There was a roller coaster, and a huge outdoor wave pool (obviously that's closed because it's FREEZING outside right now!)

When we walked in, we were shocked at the sheer size of this place! Check out the gigantic pirate ship and lap pool! Usually this place is PACKED with people, but due to the fact that we went in December, we could have had the lappool almost to ourselves!

Jess was ready to do some swimming!

Every 2 hours, they had Chinese acrobats performing on this stage! They were really amazing!

Jess and I floated around this lazy river in the kid area, and watched the acrobat show from here! The stage was just to the right.

Then, it was time for lunch! Bi Bim Bamp mmmmmm!

After lunch, we headed over to the actual jim jil bang spa area (the naked part)! This place was incredible! It was probably the size of 2 high school gymnasiums, and had spas galore... a hot one, a cold one, a warm one, a green tea one, etc! There were waterfalls you could sit under, lots of showers, and to top it off, it looked like you were in the middle of the jungle, with HUGE boulders, trees, and rocks everywhere! Jess and I layed on these benches, inside this cave, with masks on our face, hoping to tighten our wrinkles! :)

Then, it was time for the best part of all... the hot springs! We could have stayed here the entire day! The temperature of the water is 78°c! The water contains sulfur and over 20 kinds of inorganic matters such as silicon, chlorine, calcium and iron. It was freezing outside, but the water was REALLY warm! I loooooove hot springs!

We got home around 10pm, feeling super relaxed and rejuvinated, all for the measley price of $30.00 for everything! Gotta love girl days at the spa!