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Saturday, December 19, 2009


I've been craving flour tortillas since I left the US!!! So, you can imagine my extreme excitement when Jess told me she found a website where we can order flour tortillas and have them delivered to us in Korea!

Long story short, I went through the whole put the item in the cart deal, enter your mailing and billing address, blah blah blah and then popped up a box with tons of Korean. When I put it into the translater on google, this is what it said:

Electronic urgent settlement vicarious execution service use stipulation Confirmation Personal security setup program guidance Confirmation In compliance with the electronic banking transactions law 24th trillion is a stipulation about service use of the customer and the settlement vicarious execution enterprise between. Under making a motion click do hour cotton button in stipulation and advance the settlement

Ummm.... huh?! Needless to say, I clicked the wrong button and wala... the page closed on me! :( No tortillas for Jillers. Just another day, living and attempting to shop online in Korea.

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