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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Crystal Tree

For those of you who live in snowy areas of the world, you probably won't think this is very cool... but since I've been a Cali and Arizona girl my whole life and have never lived in the snow, I thought it was amazing.  Just humor me, will ya?! 

So, I was walking to Nampodong, and noticed the sidewalk was wet in front of this building.  I noticed it because the lady in front of me slipped and fell on the ice that was created from the built up water.  I looked up to see where the water was coming from...

and as i looked up, I saw this... the most GORGEOUS icycle tree!  The water had dripped down from this building somehow, and froze as droplets on these bare branches.  It literally looked like it was draped with thousands of crystals.  Sooo gorgeous! 

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