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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Get it Kristen!!!

Last night, Kristen invited us to her dance recital!  She has been taking hip hop classes for the last 4 or 5 months from a studio in Seomyeon, and was invited to perform in their yearly show!

Colin, Colin's co-teacher, Rob, Kate and I all sat in the 2nd row to cheer her on!  Here are some pictures of the show!

We got to see Kristen before the show.  Kate called me and told me she was really nervous, so I stopped at the Family Mart to get her a chocolate "Crunky" bar, her favorite, to settle her nerves!

This was the only lyrical performance of the show.  Kristen is in the purple on the far right. 

A little ballroom action...

After Kristen's hip hop performance, the MC pulled her out on stage to showcase the fact that she was the only foreigner in the show.  She told him she had friends who came to watch and pointed to all of us (her "chingu" friends) in the 2nd row!  

Kristen's on the far left, in the front row (GO GIRL!)

This salsa dance was really awesome... The 2 girls in the front are instructors at Kristen' studio. 

This dance was a replica of the Brown Eyed Girls song called "Abracadabra."  It's one of the most famous videos in Korea right now.

For the finale, the 4 instructors did a really awesome hip hop dance, set to K-pop songs!  It made me want to start taking classes again! 

Kristen has made soooo many friends from the studio.  These boys are some of her favorites!

The whole studio!

Kristen, Congrats on your first Korean Dance Performance!  You rocked!  Love ya!

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