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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Magic Show!

During Tea Time (between 1st and 2nd period) this morning, I was given the good news - "3rd and 4th period are cancelled because we're having a Magic Show!!" Could this work week get any better?! Yesterday was a hike, and today a magic show! To top it off, the teachers are all allowed to leave at 1:50pm instead of 4:40pm, so not only do I get to leave early, I don't have to teach my teacher class this afternoon! I think all these new perks are from the new principal... If so, I LOVE YOU GYO CHUNG SUN SENG NEIM!!

When I say this was the BEST MAGIC SHOW I'VE EVER SEEN, it really isn't saying much since I can probably count the times I've seen one on my own right hand, but I will say that I oohed and awed the entire time, and said a lot of "WWWWWAAAAA"'s. (That's what the Koreans yell when they're excited about something and it's become a new habit of mine!)

This trick was by far the coolest thing I've ever seen! The girl is literally hanging with only her neck on the chair! I have no idea how he did that!

This trick, he took a piece of blue tissue paper and turned it red, and then made it into a paper rose, and then made it float in the air! UNBELIEVABLE!

The kids loved it!

This trick, he took a real rose, put it in his hand, and it turned into all these little pieces of paper!

All I know is, I want a floating table! If I knew how to do this, I'd take it everywhere with me and show it off!

If you're surprised that I volunteered to be an assistant, you don't know me very well! My hand shot up right away when he asked for someone to help him! The best part was that the kids started chanting my name so he would pick me!!! I was a hit, I'm not gonna lie! :)

After the show, he came out to greet the teachers. I felt a little bit like a high school girl meeting someone from Nsync back in the day! I think he was flattered!

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