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Friday, August 14, 2009

Relaxation is the Right Medicine!

Well, today was a big day for Carlos! He bucked up and got a bamboo tattoo at this place... a little ghetto, but seemed to be the best place to get it done according to the locals. It was really cool to watch...


While he got his tattoo, Jess, Gino and I all lounged around the town, eating and hanging out while we waited for him to finish... Our server here was a "lady boy" too! I think I've only eaten twice in Thailand where my server was not one!

This is one of our favorite places to go at night. (Joy Bar) The 1st picture of all of the gang together was taken at this place.

We walked over to West Railay beach and saw about 20 monkeys in the trees. When they saw us, they jumped down onto the fence. It was a little freaky!

Just some random signs that I thought were cool.

On our way to the beach, we stopped at a little hut that sold bathing suits. I bought 2 new ones, and we convinced Gino to buy these really short spanex shorts! haha. He was so embarrassed, but we told him he would get a better tan! Ah, 17 year olds... they're so easy to convince!

West Railay Beach

What beach vacation is complete without writing your names in the sand? I mean really?!!

We hung out here until the sun completely set. It was gorgeous!
An awesome coffee shop on the beach.

After sunset, we headed over to Skunk Bar for dinner and drinks with some new Spanish speaking friends. We spoke only spanish at dinner! It was such great practice!

The bar tender was REALLY busy, so he invited me to make Jess's mohito. I am a horrible bartender, so he told me everything to put in it. It was really fun!

Bob helped me shake it up!
After dinner, we took a long walk up to the coffee shop on the mountain near everyone's hut.
When we got there, the locals all invited us to have dinner with them! It was delicious!
Jess, Me, Kristen, and Maria.
So, as you can see, nothing too eventful happened yesterday, but it was SSSOOO nice to just relax and do nothing! That's my kinda vacation.
Today, we're planning on renting kayaks and possibly riding them out to the islands!

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