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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Snorkeling at 4 Different Islands...

For breakfast/lunch, I had my usual, pancakes at Mom's Kitchen with bananas inside! D-licious! This is my usual server... yep she's a "lady boy." While I was eating, San (Bob) came over to say hello and handed me a sticker to put on my dress. He said, we are going snorkeling today. Turns out... he paid for me to take a 4 island cruise... the best in the area for snorkeling! He came along so he could show me all the best spots! It was awesome... Here are some of the pictures from my day. ENJOY!

We jumped on a boat after breakfast, and off we went for a 6 hour adventure! This was our boat driver, who happened to be smoking weed. Only in Thailand can you see people smoking weed while on the job. haha

I tried to upload these pictures in order, but it didn't work... so they're not in sequencial order. Sorry!
A coral I found while snorkeling! Beautiful, huh?!

This was my favorite Island. It was tiny, tiny, tiny. I actually swam all the way around it! Great workout!

San brought some bread along, so I could feed the fish! Very thoughtful... but it was really freaky having so many fish swimming around me. I actually got bit 5 times!

Feeding the fishies.

These geese were at one of the islands we stopped at, just swimming around at the beach...

We stopped here to have lunch! It was a little tree house of sorts with a swing hanging from the tree outside...
... which of course, I swung on!
... and this was my view from the swing! Anyone jealous?

Another island that we stopped at. This might have been my favorite place. I swam really far out (maybe 25-30 feet deep) and I could see the the very bottom! There were beautiful coral reefs and bright colorful fish! It was amazing...

These monkeys were so funny... they were riffling through these bags!

This is the island I swam around... looks tiny from here, but my arms will tell you, it was HUGE!

There are monkeys EVERYWHERE on this island! I snapped a couple pics of them playing in the trees near the beach...

Little baby one... he was the size of a kitten. :)

You can actually hand them food...

Aren't they so cute??

Jess, Carlos, Gino, and I all hung out at Railay Beach until sunset. It was well worth it!

Carlos looked sooo relaxed...

This is one of the views from Railay Beach. Last night, Jess, Gino and I all climbed into the cave.... quite the adventure!

Jess and I were playing with our camera settings, and we did some jumping pictures! This one is my SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE pic! haha

Sunset was spectacular!

After sunset, we all went back to the main strip and had dinner and drinks. :) Here's a funny sign outside the bar we went to that I thought was kinda funny...

Today, I'm planning on renting a kayak with jess. We're gonna play around in the water for a little bit... and I'm going to be getting a Thai massage on the beach! I think this is the first vacation where I've actually vacationed! :) I love it!

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