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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Great Day in Paradise!

Sabadeeka! (Hello, how are you?!)

I'm still in Railay. We just can't seem to get enough of this place! The vibe is extremely relaxed, the weather is beautiful, the food is awesome, the beaches are gorgeous, there's rock climbing, snorkeling, hiking, swimming, and cheap tattoo's! What more could you want?! :)

This is Railay East, where we hang out at night time!

In Korea, we have to pay for these fish to eat our dead flesh, but here, you can just stick your finger in the tank along the strip and it's free! (Probably not the most sanitary thing, but I had my hand gel, so I figured it'd be alright!)

Jess, Carlos, Gino and I all had lunch here at one of our favorite sports in Railay... After lunch, we walked Gino to the shore to catch his boat to the aiprort.

This is our favorite coffee shop around! It's run by a Thai rasta guy named Maht. He teaches rock climbing on the mountain behind the shop, and he lives above it in a tree house. (Jess and Kristen)

Carlos on the deck at Maht's coffee shop.

After coffe, and some chill time, we headed over to the beach and I got myself a $9.00 massage on the sand! It was such an awesome experience... Especially because it was done by a "lady boy!" Yep, seriously!

After a day of laying out, reading, and sifting through millions of beautiful shells to find just the right one's to bring home, Jess and I decided to swim out to this island while the sun was setting! A couple days ago, I swam around an island... This time I swam to one! I'm able to check off so many of my bucket list ideas (even one's I never thought of before!) I could literally see the ocean floor without even putting my eyes under the water, the entire swim... The deepest part was probably 15 feet. That's how clean and clear this water is!

I snapped this picture of Jess and Carlos on our walk back to Railay East and thought it was really beautiful. (This is not a swiming beach... It's where the boats dock)

Jess, Carlos and I had an awesome dinner! I had fried chicken and rice with Thai veggies (mmmmm!!!), and a huge plate full of fresh pineapple for 100 baht (About $3.00)!

This cat was playing with this poor frog in the alley where we were eating. It was really sad, but really adorable too!

This couple was like the cat whisperer. The cats here are all crazy, but this guy picked this one up and it completely melted into his arms...

The last couple hours have been spent at the tattoo shop again. It's Maria's turn and she's getting her tattoo right now. It's a beautiful symbol of balance!

Jess and Kristen are up next! They're in the tattoo shop right now, as I'm typing, narrowing down their ideas! Can you tell how serious they are?!
I'm not sure what else we have on the agenda for the evening, but I thought I'd write my blog now so I can get up early with Jess and Carlos to hike over to Tonsai Beach and spend the day there. I'm still completely in love and enammored (sp?) with Thailand and can't complain about the amazing tan I'm getting from the Thai sun! :)

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  1. so glad you are enjoying it! wish i was there with you! how is kevin's trip going? guess what? i get maried in two weeks! xo stine