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Sunday, August 30, 2009

One Last Day in Paradise!

This morning, I headed over to Pranang Beach, but got stuck in a huge rain and wind storm while I was laying out!  The locals didn't seem to be too worried about it, so I ducked into a cave with them and some other beach-goers until the storm passed. 

I wish I had taken a picture of the "Penis Cave" at Pranang Beach.   It would make this story so much better!  As the story goes... a princess was captured by pirates a really long time ago.  During a storm, the pirate's boat crashed into a cave, killing the princess.  The Thai people in Railay ask for things from the dead Princess, and when their wishes come to fruition, they erect a penis out of wood for her as a thank you. (No pun intended!)  There are literally hundreds of carved penises, all different sizes!

After the beach, I hung out with Lek and No-n for a little while.  Non-n's cat, "People," is pregnant and due any day.  Can you see the lumps??

No-n also raises birds, which is a really common thing in Thailand.  The birds can mimic a whistled tune.  The owners bring them to "singing contests" and can win money if their bird wins!

Just a random picture of Railay and it's beauty!

The rest of the night was spent at Skunk Bar #2, Lek's other bar in Railay.  I sat around talking with other foreigners and met a really great couple from Spain, Alethia and Jose.  Jose was a tattoo artist and Alethia just basically hung out around the house and went shopping a lot!  Must be nice, huh?!   I also met a 32 year old Pharmacist from Barcelona named Miquel, and an English college student named Dave.   

At around 11:30pm, I ventured over to West Railay Beach after the sun had gone down.  I had heard it was a spectacle, and was pleasantly surprised at the way the moon shone off the cliffs and sparkled on the ocean water.  It was the perfect way to spend my last night in Thailand!

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