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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back Where I Belong!

I couldn't bring myself to leave Thailand without being in Railay once more, so, with 2 nights left, I headed back to my home away from home!  When I arrived, I decided to stay at a new hotel that I had heard about from some friends who had stayed there before.  It's called Ya Ya.  It was only 9 dollars a night, and this was my Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse room!

I had a ladder that I climbed up to to get to my room...  The whole room was pure dark wood and creaked when you walked... and my favorite part was that there were huge doors that opened to the deck and the balcony, overlooking gorgeous jungle trees hanging outside.   It was quite the little paradise!

After I got all settled in, I headed over to Skunk Bar to see Lek and have some dinner... On my way, I saw this little kitten, laying in it's food dish, picked it up, and took it with me!  :)

I stopped here at Joy Bar first to play with the kitten and have a drink while the sun set over the water.  I'll be honest, I was more lured in by the relaxing music than anything else.

When I saw Lek, he was so excited that I came back that he immediately walked across the street and got me a coconut and a twix bar, which he knows I love!  Thai people are VERY VERY generous and thoughtful!  He also gave me this amulet.  Almost all Thai people wear amulets on a daily basis.  It's a carving of a Buddhist monk.  What a great souvenier, huh?!

While I was having dinner, these 2 darling girls came over to my table and asked me if I wanted to sit with them.   This is one of the best things about traveling alone... You're much less intimidating, and everyone wants to talk to you.  Anyhow, I said, "Sure thanks" and the rest is history!  Poppy and Chivonne were both 22 yrs old and from England.  They basically came to Thailand to get drunk and hook up with guys, which was why they were leaving Railay in the morning and going to Phi Phi Island, which I like to call "Spring Break - Thailand Style."

After Poppy and Chivonne left the bar to go bar hopping, I jumped on a bar stool and played "Connect Four" with Lek.  It's really common for bars and restaurants to have board games in Thailand.  It's great!  As we were sitting there, I met this amazing couple - Leah and Rich.  They are originally from Hawaii and had recently sold everything to travel the world.  The day before, they had bought a long tail boat (with no motor) and a couple paddles and were planning on living on the boat and paddling out to different islands everyday!  They were quite possibly one of the happiest couples I've ever met!  

It's so great to be back in Railay!

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