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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunset at Da Daepo Beach

Last night, I decided it would be nice to watch the sunset from one of the best sunset beaches in Pusan (Da Daepo)!  I accidently spelled it wrong in the sand -oops!  There really wasn't much of a sunset, since it was abnormally cloudy, and a tad bit rainy, but it was nice to lay on the sand and listen to the waves crashing... Reminded me of Thailand!  
Sparklers are my favorite firework, and since fireworks are legal on the beaches in Korea, I got a couple of them and stuck them in the sand, watching, mesmerized, by their beauty!  

One of my favorite things about being at Da Daepo beach after dark is the hill, which runs parallel to the water, that is covered in high rise buildings that light up the sky!

Then, on my way back to the taxi, I stopped by the carnival which was set up along the beach and gave one of the games a shot!  I had to throw 4 baseballs and knock over 4 pieces of wood.  The guy let me stand where the kids stand, and I did it! (Thank goodness! There were way too many people standing around watching me, to not make it... I would have been really embarrassed!) I ended up winning a yo yo... but not just any yo yo, a green light up one!

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Jillers! You have a good throwing arm - we've seen you play football. Love the pictures! Three more days to Catalina and then I get to hear the surf too:) Although I won't have any sparklers. Love you