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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ko Yao and Aon-nang!

This morning, I heard a knock on my door and it was Dana and Chloe coming to say goodbye. They're off to Australia. Once I was awake, I decided I'd go and get myself some breakfast, but first, I stopped into the internet cafe to write my daily blog! :) I'm always thinking of my fans! haha

I then, headed over to Jess and Carlos's place, and layed down at the restaurant on the grounds of their bungalow, ordered some green curry, a nice glass of cold water, and with a Thai pillow behind my head and a book in my hands, I was feeling great!

I did happen to fall asleep for about 15 minutes too! Where else can you lay on the ground and fall asleep in a restaurant?! Only Thailand!

Jess and Carlos woke up around 11am, and we all rented scooters again to ride around the island. Kristen jumped on the back of mine again, and off we rode into the jungle! :) But first, we stopped for some gas at this little convenient store. Notice, the gas is poured through 2 liter soda bottles!

We stopped in the market for some quick shopping and a yummy Thai lunch at a local place! There were no walls, dirt under our feet and a hut roof above us, literally! I've fallen in love with this type of dining!

The road we drove along...

We then took another tuk tuk to the pier and said goodbye to Jess. :( She headed back to Korea last night... We were all really sad to see her go.

Carlos, Kristen, Jenny, Gail, and I all jumped on a speed boat that took us to Aon-nang. As soon as we jumped off, we were approached by this man, who offerred us a place for 150 baht a room! He said it was his friends place and didn't have a key. Kinda shady, but we all did it anyway! I took this picture, just incase we had to track him down! haha

We stayed the night in this shanti of a place! But here's the best part, it was only 50 baht a person! That's about $1.50! None of us are oppossed to spending more... There's just something about staying somewhere a bit ghetto that makes for a fun memory! Carlos, Kristen and I are all sharing this room together!

We dropped off all of our bags and did some walking in the town...

... had some huge pizzas at an italian restaurant...

They have really funny tuk tuk's here!

We are right next to the beach, so I took this picture when the sun was setting! I'm convinced Thailand has the best in the world!

Kristen is in love with chocolate, so we stopped into this convenient store for her, and found this kitty laying on the shelf! haha

I ended up buying a necklace from this little one. She was so darn cute!


There are tons of these shrines that say, "Long Life the Queen" all over Thailand.

We hung out at this bar for most of the night, playing games and talking under the stars.

This guy tried soooo hard to get me to buy this crazy hat. No thank you!

Carlos and his mojhito!...

Gail, Carlos and I played some dominoes. (I bought this wooden, hand made set, on the street for the equivalent of $6.00, so I busted it out for a trial run!)

Neither of them had ever played. This was one of Carlos's moves. He's what we like to call a slow learner! If you know how to play Dominos, you know how funny this is!
Even though I was the most experienced, I obviously was not on my game. :(

I'm leaving Aon-nang this morning to go elephant trekking through the jungle for 2 hours! I am sooo excited, since this is the one thing I didn't want to leave Thailand without doing!

I'll be dropped off at the Krabi pier in the afternoon, and then I'll be jumping on another speed boat which will take me to Phi Phi Island, where I'll meet Carlos and Kristen around 3pm! We are all planning to share a room for the night and then they're off to go home, back to Korea. I have no idea where I'll go after Phi Phi, but I like the feeling of being free to go wherever!

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