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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Ko Hong Island

Yesterday, the 8 of us hired a private long tail boat to take us to Ko Hong Island. Our "captain" was awesome and he took us into this secret cove where the water was so clear, you could see to the bottom!

Me and Jess on the long tail boat...

Our first glimpse at the cove! Incredible!

Jess was the first to jump in!

Then we all did it! Kristen, Carlos, Jess, and Me.

The beach at Ko Hong Island (Jess and Carlos)

Carlos and Jess

Kristen and I love doing jumping pictures!

The tree where we layed out by in Ko Hong.

Some things never change... I'm always on the lookout for beautiful shells!

We definitely did some snorkeling here! The water was crystal clear and the fish were everywhere! I saw one blue one that was at least 3 feet long! And there were lots of parrot fish. You can look them up on google... they're beautiful. Jess was snorkeling and was watching one of them and she said it turned around and showed her all it's teeth and that was enough to get her out of the water for a while! haha

The fish literally swim right up to you... hundreds of them! I was lucky, I only got bit once!

Low tide at Ko Hong Island...
When you take boats here, they don't pull them up to a dock. They stop them in the water and you have to jump out and tread through. Yesterday, they pulled the boat in the mud in Ko Yao and we walked about 300 meters back to the beach. The mud was soooo soft that we all sank1/2 way up our calves with each step! It was really funny and kind of gross, but a really great experience!

After we got back from the Island, Jess, Carlos and I all rented scooters to ride into town. Jess and Carlos shared one, and I got my own. Mind you, this was my 1st time (If you don't count the time I rode Kevin's in Korea for about 100 feet). I was a natural! We rode about a mile and spotted Kristen, so she jumped on the back of mine. I was really proud of myself for learning how to drive one, with someone on the back, on the left side of the road. If I were in a contest for trying new things, I would have made a lot of points with this little adventure!

Jess and Carlos at the gas station. 1 liter of gas was only 40 baht!

We rode the scooters to this fishing village to buy some lobster. It's only 100 baht for 1 kilo, which is EXTREMELY CHEAP! We had no idea how we were going to cook it, but we figured we'd get creative!

But when we got there, there was no one working. :(

This was a cooler of gigantic fish! Ehhh

so, we rode the scooters through this market in Ko Yao and stopped for dinner at a local joint. It was really good and the lady who was working there cut us some fresh pinneapple on the house!
All in all, it was an AWESOME day!

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