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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ko Yao

We did it, we made the big leap yesterday, and said goodbye to Railay Beach, well for 3 days at least! :)

Introducting Ko Yao:

The drive from the port to our bungalows was done on a tuk tuk, basically a truck with a tent over the bed of it with benches on either side... It felt a little like we were on safari, since Thailand is very jungly! (Is that a word?!)

This island is NOT TOURISTY at all, which is awesome! We are really getting a glimpse into the life of the Thai Island dwelers!

Riding around in the tuk tuk, trying to find somewhere to stay.

As it turns out, the homestays were not available, since it's low season, so Kristen and I ended up here! What a cute little bungalow huh?! Ready for the drumroll... it's 250 baht a night, which is the equivalent of about $4.00 for each of us!

The view from our porch... a grassy area with palm trees and then the water! :)

This little cat greeted us at our porch when we arrived... She's very sweet!

Maybe this is why it was only $8.00 a night total! haha... but this is our style! Hut roofs, ghetoo bathrooms, a comfy bed, and front porches that overlook the beach! What more do you need?!

*** The toilet doesn't have a flusher. There is a bowl in the black bucket that you scoop water into and then throw it into the toilet bowl and it flushes! :)

This little girl was sleeping in this hammock in the hut restaurant next to our bungalow. What a life, huh?!

After we got all settled in, we walked down the road and found this AMAZING restaurant! It overlooks the ocean and looks like a giant hut! It's beautifully charming.


Jess was explaining how much she LOVES massages! Heck, when they're only $6.00, who doesn't?!

Kristen and I

Lunch was delicious! We ended up meeting 4 other girls who we've been hanging out with here. We're convinced we may be the only foreigners on the island! We met on the tuk tuk actually. (Jenny and Gail are from Ireland, and Dana and Chloe are from London) They've been a lot of fun to hang with and get to know!

Jess and Carlos are staying in this hut, which is basically at the base of the water! Stunning!

Jess's bungalow. Nice hammock, huh?!

We almost all stayed here, but we had already settled at our other place. It was a 3 room bungalow where the owners used to live. What a life huh?!

It started to get really stormy while we were there, so we all lounged around and watching the lightinging storm over the water...

This was the view of the storm... beautiful, huh?!

During the storm, it got really windy and was pouring rain, so we moved inside for some coffee and hot chocolate with the other girls.

On our walk back to our bungalow, I spotted this buffalo roaming in a palm tree field. As you can see, we are in the middle of nowhere on this island!

Kinda scary if you think about it!
We had dinner here. The restaurant is actually closed during this time of year, but they opened it for the 8 of us! I'm telling you, we are literally the only foreigners here! The guy who owns the restaurant knew we would all come for dinner, so he quickly decorated the place and called his friends to come over and bartend and cook for us! It was amazing!
I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich (Not my typical curry, but I was craving one, and they made it!) Here's the funny part though. I asked them for a grilled cheese sandwich and some fruit. He asked me what kind of fruit and I said, "Ummm, banana and pineapple please." When my sandwich came, the fruit was inside! We all died laughing!

Jess and Carlos!
Kristen and Jenny (from Scottland)

Me and Gail (from Scottland)

Carlos actually found this rock earlier in the day and gave it to Jess! It's a perfect heart!
Today, we're renting a boat and heading over to Ko Hong.

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