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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My last day on Phi Phi Island

Thank goodness for Kristin and her laptop, which saved me tons of money on internet cafe fees while I was staying on Phi Phi Island! Since I was usually one of the first people to wake up on the island, it was nice to drink my orange juice and write my blog in peace at the bookstore.

After Kristin and Mike woke up, we walked to breakfast and spotted this guy, blowing glass figures in one of the shops along the market street.  It was incredible to watch!

The clouds began to part, and the sun came shining through, which convinced us that we needed to try kayaking on the ocean!  So, Mike, Kristin and I rented kayaks and paddled ourselves out to Monkey Bay...

... where the water is crystal clear....

... the sand is pure white, and wooden swings are hung from beach trees...

... the wild monkeys take over your kayak and try to sift through your stuff...

... and they steal lays potato chips right out of your boat! haha
All in all, it's a great little place to check out!

You may think it's weird that I took a picture of this plate of nachos (which was my lunch after kayaking), but if you lived in Asia for 6 months like me, and never got to eat mexican food, you would understand what an incredible sight this was!

As much as I loved Phi Phi, I needed to make my way back toward Bangkok, so I decided to head back to Railay for 2 days. Before I left the island though, I went to go see Lampai (my masseuse) to say goodbye...  She was so thrilled that I had thought of her, and reached into her purse to grab this bracelet, which she had handmade.  She asked me to sit down, while she tied it to my hand and said some of the sweetest things I'd ever been told.  It was a really special moment.

After saying goodbye to Lampai, the guys at the tattoo shop, Mike, and Kristen, I jumped on the boat and headed back to Railay... my home away from home!

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