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Sunday, August 16, 2009

We just can't leave!

Yep, we're still in Railay! This is SERIOUSLY paradise... not a lot of toursist, and everyone knows each other! Just this morning, as I was walking over to the internet cafe, I stopped to talk to 6 different groups of people who I've met just in the week I've been here. I love this small town feel!

Okay, so here's the rundown of yesterday... :)

I'm always the first one to wake up from the group, so I usually go down to Mom's kitchen and have breakfast alone, with someone there that I meet, or sometimes with San (B0b Marley). It's been one of my favorite daily traditions!

After breakfast, I walked over to the beach and ended up meeting Crystal and Helen (long time family friends who are traveling from Seattle).

About 2 hours after I got there, Jess and Carlos showed up! (We eat corn like it's going out of style! It's delicious here!)

This is where we lay out everyday! (from left to right: Crystal (seattle), Helen (seattle), Jess, Carlos, Claudio (Chile), and Sylvia (Argentina)).

Carlos, Claudio and I all swam out to the island you can see in the distance of the picture above and climbed about half way up on the rocks, with no shoes! It was quite the adventure!

The monkeys come to the beach 2 times a day (always at the same time) for food! They will literally come right up to you if you have something for them to eat! This one was eating corn kernels from my hand!


Amazing, huh?!

If you double click on this picture, you will be able to see a guy trying to attempt a back flip in the background! This guy comes out to the same place on the beach, every night, to practice his martial arts, and he is horrendous! It's a great show!

Buying corn from Am, one of my favorite locals! (sorry it's so dark)

At the same time, everynight, the monkeys climb to the top of these cliffs. There are literally hunreds of them... It's incredible!

At night, we all like to lay out until the sun goes down. Carlos and I were laying, looking at the cliffs, watching the monkeys climb to the top, and Jess was watching the sun setting!

After the sun went down we walked over to Mom's kitchen for dinner, and then headed over to the Open Mic night at the restaurant nextdoor. Helen is a singer, so she jumped on the mic at Open Mic night. She was sooo good and sang all original songs that she wrote!

It was actually pitch black when I took this picture... not sure why it looks like daytime, but I love it! This is the side of Railay where we hang out at night. (The lights, straight ahead, is the beginning of the main strip)

After the show, Crystal and I went to get ice cream and were laughing so hard at the size of the spoons!

A couple minutes later, I saw San on his way to watch a Thai boxing match, so we all tagged along. Check out this guys manager! haha You can see how relaxed this place is... he's basically wearing pajama pants!

While we were sitting, watching the boxing, San pointed to a jewelry stand and said, "Choose one!" So nice huh?!


Before the fight, San took this picture for me... This guy ended up getting knocked out at the end. They literally box until someone gets knocked out.

Jess, Kristen and I...

We are all IN LOVE WITH RAILAY! We talked about leaving today to go somewhere else, but couldn't do it! It's so hard to say goodbye to all the locals we've met... So, we're staying ANOTHER DAY! haha. Tomorrow we are going to head over to Ko Hong and Ko Yoa (I think that's what it's called) for a couple days. We are going to be doing a homestay there with a family, which should be really amazing. It's also suppossed to be a beautiful place for snorkeling! I'm crossing my fingers for no bites! :) As much as I love writing my blog and updating all of you, I'm outa here! Time for breakfast with the gang!

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