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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Wedding…

One of my co-workers got married on Saturday, and I was invited to the wedding!  I had no idea what to expect, but felt right at home when I walked into the wedding hall and saw white chairs, colorful flowers, and lots of people!  It wasn’t until about 5 minutes later that I realized just how different Korean weddings are.  

All of the wedding guests were talking in the lobby when the bride walked into the wedding hall. It was the strangest thing.  Only ½ the seats were filled, but there were hundreds of people standing around the edge of the wedding hall room… talking!  Yes, they were talking, as if t hey were attending some ort of afternoon cocktail party!  I was appalled at their ude behavior, but then realized that this was the norm at Korean weddings.  Guests come to socialize with other wedding guests, not to necessarily watch the wedding ceremony!   Here are some interesting things that happened: 

* Before the wedding, you can take picture with the bride in a small room off to the side of the lobby.  So, basically everyone can see her before the wedding.

* The groom was wearing natural looking make-up, and lipgloss!

* All Korean brides rent their dresses from the wedding hall!

* When the bride walked down the isle, there was an announcer that said in Korean “Now introducing, the bride.” and there were machines that shot bubbles and dry ice on the stage!  So cheesy!

* There were NO bridesmaids or groomsmen.

* The bride and groom never held hands, linked arms, smiled or kissed during the entire ceremony!

* They didn’t exchange rings.

* They read vows to each other from something that looked like a restaurant menu.

* The wedding assistant lady was “all up in their grill” (as Kevin would say) the entire wedding!  She kept walking up to them and fixing their hair or their clothes, and would explain what they were supposed to do next… It almost felt like a rehearsal!

* There was no reception after the wedding!  Instead, the bride and groom gave everyone envelopes of money so we could go out to lunch with who ever we wanted to!  SCORE!

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