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Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Black Ribbon...

A couple weeks ago, I wore a black ribbon in my ponytail! I was so proud of my accessory, because soooo many Koreans wear hair bows and barrets! I was just trying to be more trendy, I guess. I walked into school that morning and was abruptly stopped by one of the teachers who asked me: "Alexis, Is your family okay?" I quickly answered, "Yes, why?" She replied, "You have black ribbon in hair." As it turns out, Koreans were black ribbons in their hair when a close relative has passed away as a sign of their mourning.
After school today, I am heading over to a funeral home to pay my condolences to one of the teachers at my school whose mother in law died this weekend. I was told to wear black clothes today... so to go along with my new black dress, I attached my good old black bow... I'm hoping she notices and appreciates my sentiment.

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