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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Songdo Beach

Kevin and I had a low key day today at Songdo Beach together.  As I always do, I wished I had brought the camera because there were sooo many funny things. 

1. Korean boys wear their boxers to the beach instead of bathing suits!  There was a young kid who was swimming in the water and playing in the sand who's boxers had ripped in the front and his pee pee was hanging out for all to see!

2.  There were 4 high school age boys who had rented wet suits and snorkling gear, but they couldn't swim, so they all stayed within 5 feet of the shore.  Not too sure what they were able to see, but funny for Kev and I to watch!

3.  Kev kicked his soccer ball around with some Russian sailors, one of whom was wearing a very tight speedo style suit, and only had 1 tooth!  YIKES!

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