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Monday, March 30, 2009

Why I love Koreans!

Last night, Mr. chun, from Kevin's school knocked on our apartment door. I opened the door and he asked "How is your condition?" I told him I was still very sick, so he said, "Wait here," and ran down the stairs. He soon came back with a gift bag and a heat mat.

I motioned for him to come in and he asked me to sit down on the floor. He got out a tray from our kitchen cabinet and opened the gift bag. Inside was a to go box of Korean soup. He scooped some soup into a bowl and then proceeded to take the covers off of our bed. He laid the heat mat under the sheets and plugged it in. He said, "this is warm."

The traditional Korean rice and vegetable soup

The heating mat

I feel sooooo taken care of in Korea!

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