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Monday, March 30, 2009

My massage date with Kevin

Friday night, Kevin and I decided we wanted to get massages! We went to a Jim Jil Bang (bath house) and ended up getting1 hour massages and 45 minute facials and paid 50,000 won each, which is the equivalent of about 35 dollars! The massage and facial were both incredible! Here are some funny things that happened during our massage:

1. When we got there, the guy told Kevin to take everything off, but to leave his PANTIES on!
2. I was lying on my stomach and the very first thing my masseuse did was he climbed on top of me and sat on my butt!
3. During the massage I was tightening up, because he was doing something that hurt. He told me to “power off” I thought for a second, hmmmm, power off. What the heck does that mean? Then I realized he was asking me to relax!
4. At the end of the massage, they said, “The ending!”
5. After the massage was over, my masseuse asked me if I have a baby. I said, “No, no, I don’t have any kids.” Then he asked again, “You have a baby?” and pointed to his stomach. I replied, “No, I’m not pregnant. Why?” He proceeded to grab his stomach fat and said, “I think you have small baby.” Kevin and I both lost it and were laughing soooooo hard! Now when I see something I want to eat that’s not healthy Kevin says, “Don’t feed the baby!” HILARIOUS!
6. We told my masseuse we were from America and he asked why our skin wasn’t white. I pointed to the inside of my wrist and said, “This is very white.” He shook his head and said “Not white.” Apparently, he thought people in American were PURE WHITE!


  1. OMG I'm dying laughing reading all of these!!!

  2. Kevin leave your panties on!!! That's so funnnnnnny!! Wow... this was a fun blog to read!! I can't wait to hear the next massage blog!