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Sunday, April 14, 2013

What is that?!

A couple days ago, we asked my parents if they had any bikes we could ride around. Lucky for us, they had taken up biking a few years back and had 2 ready for us to take out for a spin. YAY!  So, we pumped up the tires and rode our happy little selves a mile and a half over to Chipotle for lunch, then over to Rite Aid for ice cream, and lastly over to my high school for a little tour for Aaron!  What had Aaron's attention wasn't my school tour though.  It was all of the fruit growing in people's backyards that would hang over the fence onto the road around my high school.  We stopped more than once so he could pick a giant lemon, a giant orange, and then.... we found this!  Here it is sitting next to one of the lemon's off my mom's lemon tree. Seriously, WHAT IS THAT?  

We couldn't believe how giant it was.  Aaron actually boosted me up into the tree so we could knock it down and take it home.  Now we've got a giant yellow fruit that smells like a lemon, but isn't one, with no idea what to do with it!   It's bigger than my hand for goodness sake!

Anyone have an idea of what this thing is?!


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  2. My guess would be grapefruit, too. Have you opened it up?

  3. Anonymous was right! :) it's a pomelo! Now I have to figure out what the heck to do with it. :)

  4. My Mom eats with a grapefruit, but its a bit sweeter than grapefruit.