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Friday, April 12, 2013

Our Day at Disneyland!

My dad: "If I could get you guys a free day at Disneyland, would you consider staying a couple more days here with us?"
Aaron and I: "YES!"

... and just like that, we were staying in CA! **Plus the 4runner we bought on Monday ended up being returned to the dealership (more on that later), so we're staying in CA to continue car searching...

So, yesterday, Aaron and I spent the day park hopping between Disneyland and California Adventure, laughing our heads off, stuffing our bellies, screaming on roller coasters, watching parades, walking and walking and walking, getting soaked, reliving childhood memories, people watching, and having an all around AWESOME DAY!  *Thanks Dad!
We decided to bring our brand new GoPro Video Camera for a test run today and felt a little like small babies trying to walk for the first time... The camera doesn't have an LCD screen, so you can't see what you're actually filming until you get home and load the videos to your latop, so most of them weren't worth posting.  However, I'll leave you with these, because I think they're fun.  

Just a little foot click! :)

-We were really lucky because the lines for the rides were never longer than 20 minutes - Yes, 20 MINUTES!!!  Awesome!  We waited in line for this roller coaster, California Screamin, at California Adventure for 10 minutes, so we rode it twice! :)  Here's your chance to ride it with us... ENJOY!  

I don't remember Disneyland having a lot of ducks, but they were everywhere this time, and most were pretty tame, so this was Aaron's attempt at feeding one. As a side note, did you know Disneyland releases over 200 feral cats every night to take care of the rats?

California Adventure has a really fun river rapids ride that we rode with 4 other people.  We lucked out when the big drop came and the raft turned just enough to get us out of the line of fire, or in this case REALLY COLD WATER!  I love this lady's reaction!

I may have told Aaron that he wouldn't get wet if he sat in the front seat of Splash Mountain... Hey, it's no fun when you don't get soaked, right?!  He was a good sport! :)

We stayed until about 8:30pm, but the temps were dropping fast, and we were still SOAKED from Splash Mountain, so we reluctantly called it a day and walked down main street, mesmerized by the twinkling lights and strange Disney people (lol), and stopped in the candy store for our last indulgence of the day, some yummy Disneyland saltwater taffy!

Disneyland... It really is the happiest place on earth!
**Thanks again Dad!


  1. The last video on Splash Mountain made me laugh out loud! I loved watching your reaction afterwards. Hilarious!! This post is perfect timing, as we're leaving for Tokyo in the morning to hit up Disney for a couple days. Yay! This is our first Disney trip EVER, so we're really excited to take the boys AND ourselves. :)

    1. You guys are gonna have a blast!!! I can't wait to read your blog about it! :)

  2. I seriously LOVED this blog! You guys look so happy :D!

    1. We were sssooooo happy! We were at Disneyland for goodness sake, and for FREE!