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Monday, March 4, 2013

Island life... Day 4 on Lombok Island, Indonesia

Sometimes we feel a little bit bad about being abroad in Indonesia and spending all of our time eating, swimming, collecting shells and scootering around... but then we remember that's our favorite kind of vacation and just go with it! :)

How cool are some of these shells?!

In the past, I've always taken my shells back to Korea with me to give as prizes during classroom games, but since I won't be teaching anymore, I decided at the end of every beach place we're at, I'll make a little sign with the shells and then throw them back out onto the sand... (Keeping the ones we can't possibly part with, of course!)

 The town of Kuta, Lombok is small and quaint with about 10 restaurants lining the beach and small shacks selling local chips, drinks, and beer.  It's the ultimate beach town and fairly undiscovered by tourists since it's kinda hard to get to!  We had to take a flight from Denpassar on Lion Air ($60) and then drive 30 minutes into town in a taxi. ($10)

We met a sweet couple at our homestay who had told us to check out Seger Beach, so we took their advice and scootered ourselves over there later in the afternoon. 

We were there just in time for the sunset, which came about 30 minutes after this picture... and had the whole beach to ourselves!  

We, of course, went off the path and checked out the small little beach villages.

It's a darn good thing I've got this guy to scoot me around!  Oh, and I think it's worth noting that gas here is 50 cents a liter!  That's just over $1.00 a gallon.  (Thanks to the government for subsidizing it!)

Tomorrow morning, we're heading over to the Gili Islands off the West coast of Lombok Island.  We're planning to start at Gili Air and stay for a little while, then head over to Gili Trawagan.  We're definitely looking forward to a little more island living and possible some sea turtle sightings!


  1. It looks amazing! Can't wait to see what u guys get up to in the Gilis!!!! Also- any recommendations for places to stay near ao nang? We love where we are atm but want to see what else Krabi has to offer too^^

    1. Don't get too excited about our Gili blog.... We've been doing a whole bunch of nothing around here! Lol. As far as AoNang goes, I did an awesome elephant trekking there, but only stayed one day. Take a boat from the AoNang harbor to Railay Beach or Tonsai and stay there! I can't remember where we stayed, but it trumped AoNang by a mile, or ten! Monkeys, great food, unbelievable turquoise water, stunning cliffs, etc... Etc... It should be cheap to get there because its literally just around the mountain that you see at the far left end of the beach in AoNang! Enjoy!!!!