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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Island life... Day 3 on Lombok Island, Indonesia

We started off the day with a gorgeous scooter ride through Lombok, going west from Kuta Beach to Mauan and Maui Beach.  Sadly, I accidently deleted those photos.  ugh.  When we got back into town, we headed over to Warung Turtle....

...which is at Tanjung Aan beach... for some swimming and lunch!

... and a pineapple for 50 cents!  YES please!

 I spent most of the day searching for shells with Aaron, swimming and doing sudoku's! (Thanks for the Sudoku book Loola... I've already finished 25 puzzles!)

This just about sums up our day around here... Can't complain!  Life is slow around here... and we're loving it!

Probably won't be back in the blogging world for a week or so!  We'll be here in Lombok for one more day, then we're off to Gili Air, a teeny tiny island off the coast of Lombok Island and if the wifi is spotty here, it'll DEFINITELY be spotty there... not to mention, there's no power on the island during the day! haha.  Can't imagine how many sudoku puzzles I'll be doing there!

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