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Thursday, February 21, 2013

The Senior Citizens Club's drummers!

"Clang, Bang, Clang, Bang, Clang, Bang!" It's that time of year again (right after Seoullal) when the Korean Senior Citizens Club marches around my neighborhood, clanging and banging their instruments in stores and restaurants to "remove the evil spirits" and collect compensation in return for their 'good deed'!

I stayed home from work today to pack boxes because I have soooo much packing to do, and when I saw the group, scratch that... when I HEARD the group coming, I grabbed my camera and ran downstairs in my PJ's to watch the festivities and snap a few photos. They were all piled into the lobby of the love motel across from my apartment, which Lord knows NEEDED some evil spirits removed! lol

 I was asked by the leader if I was Russian (which I get ALL THE TIME!). When I responded that I was in fact an American English Teacher, he quickly told the group that I was from America and told them to huddle together so the "waygookin" (foreigner) could take their picture! :)

Korea is filled with really cool little traditions like this one. I was glad I stayed home to witness it one last time before I head back to the states!

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