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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The longest to do list... ever!

I was an absolute tornado today, with my incredibly long to do list in hand, whipping through the city, getting stuff done and hanging with friends along the way!  I started the morning with a knock at my door from a guy who wanted to buy my iphone (and a fishing pole! lol), then I made brownies for friends and co-workers, packed a box full of souveniers, baking stuff, spices and a football LOL to ship home, listed stuff for sale on, got pictures developed for Emo so she doesn't forget us, walked to the dry cleaner, stopped by the bank to deposit $$ and transfer some, bought some oranges from a little old lady on the sidewalk for my snack at work, had a Korean name stamp hand carved for $15 by a random old man who was sitting outside my bank, walked to work, drank some coffee and checked ny e-mail, then left work and took a bus to the subway, recharged my subway card, took the subway to Seomyeon, met Crystal and Anne for dinner, met Juhye to give her her shoes that she had left at our apartment back in December, spontaneously got my hair cut (trimmed) with Crystal and Anne (The first time in almost 6 years!), went to the cupcake shop to decorate cupcakes with the girls but the clerks wouldn't let us buy 2 cupcakes because they only have boxes that fit 4 cupcakes and couldn't understand how we could possibly carry two cupcakes in a box for four (I swear they CAN NOT think outside of the box sometimes... no pun intended) so we left and went to H&M instead (I know, surprise, surprise right?!), bought 3 things, took the bus home, watched The Bachelor with Aaron (sorry for telling everyone A), returned e-mails from people interested in buying our stuff, YAY!, posted a blog for Aaron Nicholas Photography about these two darling girls: Caroline and Joyce
and now I'm in bed exhausted and ready to start a new day tomorrow!  Exactly 1 week left!

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