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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Christmas is over...

I was pleasantly SUPER surprised when the Christmas cards came rolling in this year!  Some were from old co-workers in Arizona, some from college friends, others from family and friends back home!  It was so much fun to be handed envelopes addressed to me at work, and even more fun to open them, gawk at how adorable the pictures, cards and notes were, and even more fun to hang them on my front door and enjoy seeing them everyday!  (Since Christmas was over 3 weeks ago, we realized it was probably time to say goodbye to all of our Christmas cards and finally took them all down yesterday... sad)

Thank you mom and dad, Amy, Keith and Kaye, Pegg, Mammy, the Tyson's, Heuseveldt's, Irvine's, Neilsen's,  Layman's, Kearns's, Moore's, King's, Hudon's and the Bould's for thinking of Aaron and I and mailing us a Christmas card all the way across the ocean!  We love you guys! 

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