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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Homemade Tagalongs!

It's been 4 years since I've indulged in one of my favorite girl scout cookies!  4 years people!!  While my favorite are Tagalongs, Aaron's are Thin Mints!  I found this recipe for Vegan Thin Mints and was determined to make them as a surprise for A last night.  Unfortunately, my trusty baking store in the foreign market doesn't carry peppermint extract like I hoped they would... And "No", lady at the store, "the mint liquor that you sell will not work as a substitute for peppermint extract!"  Nice try though!  I went home last night a little defeated and frustrated that every time I try to cook or bake something fun, there is at least one ingredient that can not be found in Korea!  I digress...

Aaron got home just as I was finishing dinner and asked why I had Zec (제크) Crackers (Korea's RITZ equivalent) on the table, since we never buy stuff like that.  I explained that I wanted to make him Thin Mints, but that I couldn't find the peppermint extract.  He immediately said, "Let's put peanut butter on these and dip them in the chocolate!"  YES!  YES!  YES!  If I can't make Thin Mints, I'll make Tagalongs!  
I love this man!

Let the tutorial commence...

- melting chocolate
- peanut butter
- RITZ (or Zek - 제크) crackers

Prep & Cooking time = 30 minutes or less

Spread some creamy peanut butter on a cracker.
Place a 2nd cracker on top of the peanut butter, like a sandwich.

Put the "melting chocolate" into a small bowl, and drop it into a pot of water on low/medium heat. 
(Wait about 5-8 minutes for the chocolate to completely melt.) *My chocolate looks weird because I tried to melt it in the pot, before Aaron told me about doing it this way. Good thing I've got him around.

Dip one side of the cracker sandwich into the chocolate...

...and lay it onto a sheet of wax paper.

Set the 1/2 dipped cookies in a cool place and hang out for a little while, while the chocolate hardens.  I chose to hang with A and Mav.  Wouldn't you?!  :)  Since I don't have a big refrigerator to put my cookies in to set the chocolate, I put mine on the window sill, since it's 40% outside and the chocolate hardened right up in no time!  Clever, eh?!

Then, re-dip the cookies, covering the opposite side with chocolate.  Place them back onto the wax paper and wait for them to harden.

... Wala, you've got homemade Osteen style Tagalongs!  How easy is that?!

Oh, and for the record, they were scrumptious!
*** UPDATE: I made these same cookies a couple days later, but omitted one of the crackers, and WOW!  They were even better and had the same texture as Tagalongs!  You'd be the life of the party if you brought these cookies along!  :)


  1. Great idea, Jill! Those are my absolute favorite G.S. cookies too! P.S. - I'm loving all the new stuff you've done to your blog. I especially love the signature...I've got to learn how to do that for my blog!

    Happy Friday!

  2. Hey Kristi, You're so sweet! Thank you for all your nice compliments! If you want me to make you a signature, I can. You just let me know. I'd be happy to help out a fellow blogger. Happy Friday.

  3. I have a great idea.... let's make vegan/healthier versions girl scout cookies this year and dress up in uniforms and sell them outside of EMart! We will make lots of money for savings!!! PLEASE!

  4. Okay Jill,
    I just made them! Success!