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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Happy 30th Chris!

Can you believe this weirdo is 30?!  (We love you Chris!)

To celebrate Chris's big decade change over, Stella planned an over the top birthday party at the penthouse-party-room of Hotel Mu in Beomnaegol.  Yes, I said penthouse party room.  Koreans our age usually still live at home with their parents, or are married with little babies and aren't comfortable having a party at their own place... Hence the creation of the Korean style party room, a place to go and host a party!  Funny right?!  Nothing about this place was funny though.  It was legit!  It had a huge bedroom, a full kitchen, an internet area built around a lounge area, 2 very fancy bathrooms, 1 GIANT bathtub, 2 giant rain showers, a karaoke room, A POOL, a retractable roof, and a pricetag to match!  Amazing though, right!

The first toast of the night...

Love this guy!

and I REALLY love these girls...  (Jenna, Meagan, Me, Ashley, Stella, Grace, and Juhye!)

Me, Ash and Stella.

How awesome is this penthouse patio/pool area!  This was the room with the retractable roof!  
It was incredible!

Stella even had a custom cake made for Chris, with 31 stars (1 for every 30 years and 1 for good luck!)

I was equally as excited that it was time for cake! (wink wink)

The boys (Jeff, Adam, Aaron, Birthday Boy, ??? (sorry), ??? (sorry), and Jared)

and the lovely ladies!

Everyone else stayed the night at the party room, but Aaron and I had to leave around midnight to wake up at 5:00am for a sunrise photo shoot.  We had talked about leaving at 10pm, but just couldn't leave. Sometimes deciding to be with friends over sleep just becomes the only way to go!
Chris and Stella, You two completely outdid yourselves!  It was such a great night! :) 

Happy 30th Chris!  Hope it's the best decade yet!

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