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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Homemade Pepero!

There's nothing more generic and unoriginal than giving your friends, co-teachers, girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse, a box of store bought pepero on pepero day!  Don't get me wrong, store bought pepero is great, but homemade is BETTER, don't you agree?!

Last Friday, I picked up a package of nude pepero (1,800 won) and a package of white melting chocolate (2,500 won) - {not pictured,oops!} in Seomyeon.  Luckily I had lots of leftover stuff to decorate my pepero with from last Christmas when I made Christmas cookies, and last Wednesday when I decorated cupcakes!  

I grabbed the tallest and skinniest ceramic cup I had and filled it with the white chocolate, dropped it into a pot of warm water (medium low heat) and waited for the chocolate to melt, occasionally stirring it with a metal chopstick.

Then, I dipped my first pepero stick, laid it out on the wax paper and quickly decorated it to my heart's content before the chocolate hardened! 

Aaron decided to get in on the pepero decorating action! :)

And of course Maverick (AKA: Project Kitty) tried to get in on the action, too, before his little paw was swatted off the table by his mom!  

I could have done this all day if I had had more pepero and more chocolate!  I was definitely in my element.

No finished project is complete without an Instagram, right?!

All in all, I think I dipped and decorated about 50 pepero sticks!  Somehow though, when I was packaging them for my co-teachers, Aaron's co-teachers, and my friend Ashley who I'll see tomorrow, I ended up with 42.  I think there may be a pepero monster living with me!  

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