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Saturday, November 10, 2012

2012 Asia Series Game!

The 2012 Asia Series kicked off this week, with the best baseball teams from all of the major Asian leagues, along with the winner from Australia, competing to see who's the BEST in Asia!  Our friend Jinho's sister gave him some FREE tickets to the game, so he invited Aaron, me, Gill, Sam, Crystal and his girlfriend Anne to go to the game today!  FREE baseball tickets with some of my favorite friends?! "YEP! I'm in!"  
Definitely don't have to ask this girl twice!

The orange plastic bags on our heads are handed out by the stadium staff, at the 7th inning, as a way for fans to easily clean up their own garbage before leaving their seat.  Years ago, a tradition began among the Lotte Giants fans to tie the bags on their heads to encourage the team by creating a sea of orange and black around the stadium!  Gilly made ours into cute little bows...

Sam's looked like Alien antennae...

... and Aaron's was a bow tie!  

His bow tie flew off and tried to choke me!  LOL

A little good luck kiss for the Giants.  Muah!

Today's game was between Korea's Lotte Giants and Japan's Yomiuri Giants... not that I really cared who was playing though!  In my opinion, baseball games are about eating baseball-ish food with a choice drink in hand with great friends around to catch up with, cheers to cheer along with, and oh yea, baseball to watch!  Today's game was no exception!  Even with Lotte losing the game, the 7 of us had an awesome time together!  ... and that's what it's all about, right?!

"Lotte Giants Fighting!"

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