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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Girlfriends are the spice of life!

This week has been filled with quality girl time! Poor Aaron has been getting lonely while I've had date after date with my girlfriends!  On Sunday, Sam, Gill and I all met up at our favorite coffee shop in Nampo for some catch up time, yummy tea and coffee and then delicious Indian food at one of the best spots in Gukje Market and some shopping later in the afternoon!

Then, last night, I met up with Stella (my very first co-teacher), Monica (my co-teacher last year) and  Okk (my current co-teacher) for dinner! Talk about a fun mix of girls! Monica retired last year, but started substitute teaching at Stella's new school this year... When they realized that they both knew me, they got really excited and called me right away to tell me they were working together and wanted to meet up for dinner!  I am so thankful to have had co-teachers who have loved me and built a relationship with me that has lasted even after we've moved on to different schools! (This is not always the case in Korea.)  Having them all together in one place was like having all of my favorite worlds collide!  AWESOME!

Tonight was Revenge night at Ashley's, which is always really fun!  2 bags of popcorn, a hand full of homemade cookies, some diet coke, and a little TV show gossip always makes for a great night in my opinion!  Tomorrow, Stella, Ashley and I are meeting up at a cupcake shop in PNU where we're going to decorate cupcakes!  Yes, there's a cupcake decorating shop in Busan!  My dream has officially come true... stay tuned for more on that soon! 


  1. What?! Cupcake decorating? I can't wait to find out about that small slice of heaven here in Busan!!!


    1. Yep, it's true! It actually exists! I'm so excited to go, and don't worry, I'll include directions, prices, etc in the post! :) Happy Wednesday.