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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Decorating cupcakes in Korea!

Last night, Ashley, Stella and I all met at Dan Hana Cake in PNU to get our cupcake decorating on! 

When it comes to doing cutesy/artsy things, Korea's got it down pat!  This place is basically a full service cupcake/cake decorating shop, with a full menu where you can choose your frosting flavors, frosting colors, frosting tip styles, cake flavors, cake shapes, cake sizes, and cupcake flavors!  There are endless opportunities for dessert decorating fiends like myself!   I snapped a photo of the menu, for anyone interested in how this whole things works. Double click the photo for a larger view. We decided to buy 6 cupcakes (12,000 won total) and 3 different colored frostings (1,000 won each).

After our cupcakes and frosting had been ordered, we headed over to the decorating area to pick out our toppings!

It was all a bit overwhelming - How can you possibly choose when there are a thousand options?!  

Luckily, they have this wall of pictures to inspire you!

Or... you can just walk around and see what other people are doing with theirs!   We had some cake decorating artists in our midst last night - mostly high school girls and 20 something year old couples!

I decided I would do a "days since anniversary" cupcake for Aaron.  Koreans love to count the days that they have been together, but since Aaron and I don't have a distinct dating anniversary, I decided to base it off of our wedding anniversary!  Thanks to the DATE DURATION CALENDAR website, finding out we had been married for 102 days was a piece of cake!  Ashley decided to do the same thing, but her dating anniversary with Adam ended up being 1768 days! WOW!  We grabbed little red plates and loaded up!

By the time we were ready, our cupcakes and frosting had been delivered to our table!

I was READY!

Let's do this!

Ashley's first cupcake was a "ddong (aka poop) themed cupcake"!  Yes, Koreans think poop is cute!


Stella went with "portrait cupcakes" of her and Chris! :)

This is my "anniversary cupcake" complete with a sugar J, A, heart, 1 - 0 - 2, peppero cookies, sprinkles and 3 flavors of frosting!  I don't mess around when it comes to celebrating my marriage! 

Here they are, in all their glory!  Mine are in the back (I have no excuse for the freaky face cupcake except to say that decorating cupcakes is WAY harder than it looks!), Ashley's are in the middle, and Stella's are in the front!  Not bad for our first time though, eh?!

Even after decorating 6 cupcakes, we still had all this frosting left over! (I recommend getting 1 or 2 if you're doing cupcakes).  

So, we did what any other frosting-loving-American's would do!  We squeezed it into our mouths!

But not for long! The owner of the place actually brought us a plate full of these little pieces of cake to enjoy, so we piled the frosting as high as we could and laughed as it smeared over our faces!  Or wait, maybe that was just me! :)

When we were ready to go, we loaded our cupcakes onto a tray and walked it up to the front to pay.  They just looked at each of them, figured out what toppings we used, added it up, and gave us the total (24,000 won, which evened out to 8,000 won per person or $3.66 per cupcake!) SCORE!

Now, before I give this place a raving review, I do have to say that the cupcakes are more like muffins and the frosting is the consistency and taste of cool whip, but other than that, it's PERFECT and a super fun thing to do with girlfriends or as a date night!

If you're interested in going and you live in Busan, you're in luck because there are 2 locations!  
Here's the map for the Dan Hana Cake in PNU, where we went...

... just look for this staircase!  It's on the 2nd floor, just below Thirsty Moose.

...and here's the map for Dan Hana Cake in Seomyeon!
So, there you go!   Now you've got a place to get your cupcake decorating on while living in Korea! :)
You can thank me later!


  1. LOVE THIS! I especially love the one with the freaky face on the back right! Too cute!

  2. What a perfect night!! I, like Koreans think poop is cute! I love the picture of the pile of frosting on the cake!!

  3. Looks like a blast!!! Thanks for sharing. :)

  4. It looks like I'm concentrating so much on getting that frosting on Ashley's tongue. lol