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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday at Beomeosa

Aaron and I spent the morning, in bed, watching college football... but with only a few more weeks of perfect California style weather, we knew we couldn't spend all afternoon in our PJ's!  So, we both threw out some places to go and explore, but agreed 100% on ONE - The lovely, charming, mystical 1334 year old Buddhist Temple, Beomeosa (pronounced: Bo-mo-sa).  You just can't find stuff like this in America, people!  Period. 

We took the subway there, line one, and got off at none other than Beomeosa Station. (Easy!) Went up exit 7, made a quick U-turn, and took the first street up the hill.  There was a small bus stop about 100 meters up, where we were able to jump on a bus (#90), which took us up the 2.5 km road leading to the temple, atop the mountain!  I can't say it enough - I LOVE living  in a city with excellent public transportation!

As soon as we arrived, we walked this lantern strung pathway...

and then did a little off-roading (or, well, we got off the main path at least), and found our way down to this awesome little stream running along side the temple!  

I'm getting pretty good at finding these heart rocks now! :)

There's a tradition in Korea that when you make a wish, you stack a stone, one on top of another. If your rock falls from the top, your wish won't come true, BUT if it stays, your wish is sure to come true! Such a cute idea, right?

We spent about an hour here, playing on the rocks, watching the fish swim by, walking through the bamboo forest, snapping photos, and enjoying the natural beauty in literally every direction! We loved this place so much that we relocated next weekends photo shoot with Chris and Stella to this exact area!  We're so excited to see what we can come up with the two of them there! :) 

Then, we headed up the path to the temple’s main gate, aka the One Pillar Gate, built in 1614.

Beomeosa is one of my favorite temples in Korea because it spreads over so much space.  I’m not sure how many buildings there are, but it seems as if the temple grounds are like a giant maze, with gorgeous temple structure popping up around every corner!  

See why it's one of my favorite temples in Busan?!

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