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Monday, October 8, 2012

Jess and Mayo's photo shoot!

Last weekend, between eating delicious food, playing cards, drinking craft brewed beer, chatting about life and love, hiking, walking, picnicking on the rooftop, and shopping with Jess and Mayo in Seoul, we were able to sneak in a photo shoot near the Han River!  Between the two of our cameras, Aaron and I had well over 100 photos that we absolutely loved!  How could we not, with such a stunning couple who ooz so much love, passion, and adoration for one another?! 

Click below to see
... and if you look really carefully, Jess's growing baby bump! 

Love you two!


  1. um...seriously...those pics of jess and mayo are the most beautiful couples photos i have ever seen. and i am not even just saying that cause you guys are dear to my heart. i was blown away and almost in did you do that? anyway, wow...just wow!

  2. Awe, that is so sweet of you to say Katie! Aaron and I can take some of credit, but Jess and Carlos made these photos what they are! There's so much love between the two of them! :)