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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Kickball tournament!

Remember elementary school, or middle for me, when you would play kickball during PE class?!  I was always pretty coordinated sports-wise, but gymnastics was my sport of choice.  So, when kickball was on the PE schedule, I would always get so nervous! My heart would beat out of my chest when it was MY TURN up at bat kick!  What if I kick and miss?  What if I kick too hard and fall backwards?  What if I trip when I'm running to first base?  Ahh, the silly anxieties of a junior higher!

Well, today, the kickball tournament began at my school; one 6th grade class against another.  It was actually pretty funny to watch my studious students attempting to be sporty!  There are about 4 semi-athletically gifted kids in each class, and the rest fumble about!  I'm pretty sure I only saw a few catch a fly ball!  Sports obviously aren't a priority in Korea! :)

Here are some random photos of the tournament.
(*** I accidentally shot low quality resolution photos and was shooting manual with a 2.8 aperture in the sun! UGH, stupid Jillers!  I obviously wasn't thinking! I think I was just excited to get outside and enjoy the game.)  

Loola (my part time co-teacher) came out with me to watch the game!  Isn't she cute!?

The scoreboard girls!

And the tournament begins...

Most of the girls rigged it somehow to where it was never their turn up at bat kick!  
Clever girls.

The dugout!

I think they preferred being here over the field!

 After 45 minutes, class 6-2 was declared the big winner!

Good job kiddies!

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  1. Yey. I love any sports which has the same rules as football. And anyway kickball is a football too.