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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dongnae Eupseong Fortress

About 3 months ago, our friends Adam, Ashley, Stella and Chris posted a photo online of them sitting on a giant hill of grass (which is EXTREMELY uncommon in Busan) overlooking the city!  It was gorgeous and all I wanted to do was go and lay in the grass!  Sadly, it took Aaron and I three months to get our butts in gear and find it!  On Tuesday night, we jumped on the subway after work and had ourselves a little sunset picnic at the fortress!  It was sssoooo nice to get out and enjoy the fresh air together!

*** Take subway line 1 to Dongnae, exit 2. Then jump in a taxi and say: 
"Dongnae Eupseong- Jee"
...or, put your walking shoes on and follow this path!


*** photo editing credit goes to my awesome husband for this post!