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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Camp

English summer camp is back in full affect these days!  Last week I taught with Okk, and we only have 4 kids, so we split up the day and she taught the first 2 classes and I taught the last two!  SCORE on the extra free time!  This week I'm on my own though with the kiddos... Luckily I only have 7 (instead of 25 like Aaron!)  YAY!  

Today, I had an entire class period dedicated to playing English UNO.   I say "English Uno" because I make them say the color and number of the card that they're laying down so I can justify it as an English speaking exercise! :)  Sometimes I play with them and other times I don't... Today I jumped in a game and ended up with this disaster of a hand!   (iphone pic)

It's safe to say one of my students won this round! 
Next week, real classes start up again... I'm looking forward to finishing up my last semester in Korea and heading back to the states.

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