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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Out for the week!

I'm shocked... I've almost gone an entire week without a blog entry!  That's so unlike me!  It's not because there's been a lack of stories to tell, but rather because I was planning to continue the wedding blogs, one after the other, in succession... but my sweet photographer Bri hurt her neck and has been out of commission for a week, so we'll  have to wait a bit more for the edited photos of the big day and that blog to be posted!!  I'm working on editing the honeymoon pics, so once the wedding day post goes up, the honeymoon will be shortly after, and then the regular day to day stories will commence! :)

Married life has been such a blast!  We spent the first week back in Korea, completely jetlagged and were waking up at 3am every morning!  While that would be unnerving to some, it was actually really fun for us!  Aaron made breakfast almost every morning and we caught up with our favorite TV shows while getting a little playtime in with Maverick here and there!  By the time we finally left for work it seemed like we'd already been up 1/2 the day!

Summer camp went really well! We only had to teach 2 weeks instead of the contracted 3, because we were given an extra week of paid vacation for our wedding (an AWESOME Korean perk!)  I only had 4 students the first week and 7 the next!  Working at a smaller school definitely has it's perks.  We did tons of phonics, played jenga, uno, hangman, did scavenger hunts, made colored sand jars (one of my favorite childhood art projects), watched a movie, talked a lot, made ice cream and tuna sandwiches, and played more tag than I ever thought was possible!  My advanced kids gave me the best compliment when they whined when summer camp was over! :)  They're already looking forward to coming to Winter Camp! 

Aaron and I have been going to the beach a lot the last two weeks!  The weather has been fantastic - blue skies, cool breezes and warm sand in our toes has made for some very relaxing beach adventures... Yesterday we rode the scooter and met up with Crystal, Ann, Cheryl, and Jinho at Gwangali Beach.  

We've decided that this will DEFINITELY be our last year here in Korea.  So, in March 2013, we will bid farewell to our Asian home and head to SE Asia for a month long vacation.  Then, we'll fly to CA, visit with my parents, buy a car, and do a road trip across the US, stopping to see national parks, family,  and anything else that tickles our fancy... all while camping along the way!  Oh yes!  We are really looking forward to the adventure!  Our last stop will be Charleston, SC, where we'll be settling in and calling home!  Ahhh, my dream of living on the east coast will come true!  Check that off the bucket list!

We have a photo shoot scheduled with a darling couple from about 45 minutes away tonight!  We're meeting at a coastal park called Amnam and are looking forward to getting to know them while getting to have another hand at portrait/couple photography! :)

Hope you all are having a great week, enjoying the warm weather (too warm for you Arizonians!), getting your spring cleaning done, and enjoying another fantastic summer with the ones you love!  I know I am! 


  1. I love Asia (only visited once but trying to plan a second trip), I love road tripping and I think it sounds like you and Aaron have a fab year ahead of you! Quite jealous :)

  2. Yea, Asia is fantastic! We're definitely going to be missing our twice a year paradise vacas! But America is calling our names! Super excited about the road trip too!

  3. Love that all of your dreams are coming true, I remember you always saying that you wanted to live in the Carolina's. So awesome that it is actually happening. Enjoy your last 6+ months in Korea...I know you will miss it but America will be glad to have you back. Hopefully, just maybe, I will get to see you if you stop by AZ on your will be like meeting a whole new Jillers...with the same beautiful face! Reading your experiences has made me add sooooo much to my bucket list!

  4. Nicole! It's so nice to hear from you! :) I'm not sure if we're going to make it down to Phoenix or not this road trip. I think we've bit off a little more than we can chew, but we'll definitely make a trip out there to see everyone sometime soon! Miss you and love seeing facebook updates of you, Travis and the kids!