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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Update + Funny TV Show Clip

Aaron and I are practically counting down the days till our vacation starts!  9 work days left (one of which is a free day because of testing.. thank goodness!) ... 13 days till we leave Korea... and 25 days till the wedding.   In the last week or so, I've been busy teaching test prep at school, getting two 6th grade girls ready for the spelling bee, and secretly printing wedding stuff when no one is looking!  Sshhh!  I've been jogging along the coast of the island after work a lot (about 3 miles total - not jogging the whole time though... I'm trying, but not quite there yet!)  Then the rest of my free time, after work, has been spent getting last minute details finished for the trip back to America, keeping up with my favorite summer shows, cooking healthy dinners with Aaron, or taking spontaneous scooter rides around the island. 

Speaking of summer TV shows, Aaron and I happened to be flipping through the channels the other day and landed on a show called "Showbiz Korea." It's a TMZ style show, hosted by two 20' something Koreans.
The show's topic was....
Top 7 Stars that viewers want as their stylist!
It's not a bad topic for a show, per se... but the narrating was so terrible tonight and the fact that these are Korea's MOST fashionable people, and the celebrities that my elementary students go CRAZY over, is intriguing to me!  They're so different than any of the fashionistas in America!  Here's a little glimpse into the celebrities of Korea!

My favorite quote of the show has to be:
"Kim Je-Joong recently posted a photo of himself on the set, and in the photo he was wearing a pair of sunglasses which did not suit the top knot of his hair.  He pulled off the unbalanced top knot fashion style and looked like he transcended time and space."

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