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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday in Seoul

We all work up at 6:30am, and were out the door by 6:45am to meet Dawn and her boyfriend Derek at the bus stop.  We rode to a park on the edge of the Han river where we set up a yoga photo shoot, under the bridge. 

 Jess played stylist (and wardrobe cleaner!), which she actually used to do back in the states! 

Wait till you see how awesome these pictures turned out on Aaron's camera!  
They're amazing!

Aaron, doing his thing!

Derek and Mayo were feeling a little left out, so they entertained themselves behind the scenes, doing their own yoga moves and laughing about them...

Checking out the raw photos.

Jess, getting into her move!  As you can probably assume, we all laughed a lot today!  Yoga can look really crazy sometimes, and the positions you get into in order to morph into the final position can be really funny!

How?! Seriously, how does she do this stuff?!

A quick snapshot of my sweet Jeshi!

We ended up drawing a bit of a crowd for photos like this one!  Everyone wanted to watch the yoga girl doing splits on the edge of the bike path! LOL

Ohhh Jess!  She'll kill me for posting this, but I couldn't resist!  She wanted to try!

Aaron had the girls pose completely still so he could get photos of blurred bicyclists riding in front of them!  Mayo had to jump in, on the side, to make the girls laugh!

After the bridge shoot, we walked along the river to this beautiful area of wild daisies where Aaron got some shots of Dawn, and this snapshot of the three of us girls
during a little break!  I WISH we had more areas like this in Busan!  I'd go and sit amongst all the flowers after work and eat a kimbap or something!! 

Dawn had to rush off to teach a yoga class, so Jess, Mayo, Aaron and I took a taxi to a really cool and upscale area of Seoul (can't remember the name), but it's where most celebrity sightings are, and we sat and had lunch here, at Deli Heinz Burg, a really cool German style deli.

Jess and Aaron at lunch.

We walked through the streets of this shopping area and had ourselves a nice little (out of character for me) shopping spree at FOREVER 21!  Man, I miss that place!  Me and Mayo outside a cute little bear cafe.

Another reason we came to Seoul this weekend was for Aaron to find an English speaking tailor to have his outfit tailor made for the wedding!  We were referred to this guy in Insadong, and after choosing fabric, sitting down and talking design, we decided to go somewhere else.  He kept saying, "Yes. It will look like that" after every photos we showed him, and "My shop is closing in 30 minutes, so we need to hurry."  We felt rushed and it just didn't feel right there, so we left. Sad for him!

Luckily, Aaron had seen a video on a foreigner's blog about getting suits made in Seoul and this was the place they highly recommended!  This felt a whole lot better!  More stylish, more options, free drinks!  Yes, this will work! 

The woman was really nice, and paid a lot of attention to each detail of the outfit, including what seemed to be about 15 butt measurements! I think she was just enjoying her job! :)

Can you believe all the measurements they have to take in order to make a custom suit (and we didn't even order a jacket!)?!  We were given the option to choose just about EVERY detail of every stitch of the thing!  Pretty fun, if you ask me! 

We chose a medium/light gray for his pants and vest, a small white and black checkered pattern material for the shirt, and a yellow skinny tie!  I'm not gonna lie... I am SOOO excited to see how it turns out!  The ivory swatch is a piece from my dress!

After spending a very enjoyable hour and a half with the tailor, we took a taxi back over to Insadong where we met Jess and Mayo for dinner at Vatos, an awesome MEXICAN RESTAURANT!  Aaahhhh, how we miss Mexican food!  They had the hugest and most delicious blended margaritas for $12, and kimchi/beef fries, Jess's recommendations!   

After dinner, we walked back over to SPACE and hung with Pete, the apartment hamster!  So cute, huh?!  We had a little down time before heading back out to meet up with Dawn and Derek again for more yoga photos!

The next photo shoot location was in Myongdong, a VERY busy outdoor shopping area in the heart of Seoul!  Aaron and I climbed to the third floor of a coffee shop so he could get an arial view of Dawn doing yoga positions in the middle of the crowd!  The photos turned out really cool because Dawn is completely in focus, while the passerby's are blurred. Talk about a hilarious thing to watch from above! Have you ever walked through a busy market and run into a random person doing an intense yoga position right in the middle of the crowd?!  My guess is no.  People's reactions were classic! 

I'm not gonna lie... I was definitely the proud fiance of the photographer who was drawing huge crowds with his yoga photos! 

The next photo stop was the Cheonggyecheon river, which runs right through the middle of the city!  We came a just the right time to get a shot of the lanterns which are hung across for Buddha's birthday celebration! 

We set up right on the river and had Dawn do some really cool poses on the rocks that run through the middle of it!  ...Again, drawing HUGE crowds!!!  People couldn't believe the stuff she was doing, while balancing on a rock!  Heck, I couldn't believe it either!  You'll just have to wait to see them until Aaron finishes editing. 

We had a VERY full and long day and were all pretty happy when we got back to SPACE and were able to kick our shoes off and relax!  Tomorrow's schedule is yummy food, more yoga photos, dinner at Kristen and Alicia's, shopping, and basking in the sunshine! Yes please!


  1. I want to see the pictures!!!! Hurry up Aaron!! ^^

  2. Hi Jill, love reading your blog! You both take amazing photos! I was wondering if you could give me more details on the location etc... of the tailor you guys went to? My fiancé wants to get a suit made for our wedding in August. We live in Seoul, and it would be great to go to a place that is recommended by others. Thanks! :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hey Amy. Congrats on your engagement!

    Dainty's address is: Seoul-shi Gangnam-gu Shin-sa-dong 582-3 Dong Shim Building 1st floor 3 ho.

    Their phone number is 02-511-5573. Have fun! :)