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Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday in Seoul

Buddha's birthday is Monday, May 28th this year, which gives us a 3 day weekend!  Thank you baby Buddha!  Aaron and I decided to spend it up in Seoul with Jess and Carlos (whom I will now only refer to as Mayo)  :).

We left on the 5:30pm KTX train tonight and made it to Seoul station at 7:55pm

We took a taxi to SPACE, the studio apartment that Jess and 4 friends are renting and using for yoga classes, cooking classes, building community, art, etc.  The girls had just painted this chalkboard wall, and Aaron and I were the inaugural welcome!  :)

Jess and Mayo's apartment is actually about 45 minutes from the center of Seoul, so to be able to hang at SPACE, which is right near Insadong (the mecha of foreign food and shopping) was perfect!  The 4 of us are actually going to stay at SPACE, together, until Monday afternoon when A and I head back to Busan!  Super excited for some quality time together!

We got to SPACE at about 8:20pm, dropped our bags and walked over to an awesome Thai restaurant for some curry!  I loved the wall hanging behind Jess! 

Aaron and Mayo.

The green vegetable curry was soooo yummy and AUTHENTIC!  
The head chef is a Thai woman and she definitely knew what she was doing!

Part of the purpose of coming to Seoul this weekend was to do a photo shoot of Jess and her friend, Dawn, doing yoga in busy areas of the city!  We did a little location scouting tonight and hiked up to this rooftop wine bar to see if it was somewhere we wanted to shoot from tomorrow.  We ended up scratching the idea, because it was way busier than we thought, but enjoyed the views while we we there! 

We all got home around 11 and called it a night!  Everyone's alarms are set for 6:30am tomorrow in order to get up and get the morning sun!

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