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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cooking up a 6th grade storm!

One of the 6th grade classes spent the first 2 hours of the morning cooking recipes from their school textbook!  Each student group decided, before hand, what they would make, and brought all of the ingredients needed... Then, when the bell rang, they went at it!  
Min Ju's group made pizza on pieces of white bread.  
She was in charge of spreading the sauce and putting the toppings on!

This is Hana, their teacher, displaying their first attempt at cooking the pizza in the pan!  Check out the completely BURNT bread!

2nd time around, however, was PERFECT!
MinGee's group was in charge of making some sort of egg, rice, carrot, kimchi sandwich!

The different parts of it looked appetizing, 
but when it was mixed all together, it looked like a big mess of nastiness!

This group was in charge of making duk-boki, a Korean favorite! 
It's basically rice and fish cakes mixed in a red sauce.
 Here are the rice cakes cooking! The first time I tried one of these, I almost gagged... now I'm a HUGE fan!  They're the consistency of cooled down mozzarella sticks.

30 minutes later, and WALA!  It was ready to devour!
 Song Min's group made these darling mini hamburgers!
 I'm a sucker for food presentation and little colored umbrellas, so this was my favorite!

 They were very proud of their little hamburger creations!

On cooking days, I'm always offered food, either by their hands, or on chopsticks, which are shoved right next to my mouth!  Luckily, they were all wearing gloves today, which made it a little more sanitary than usual!  

 But you can't be so sure... because you never know which of the crazies are licking the cooking utensils when they think no one is looking!

Bon appetite!

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