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Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Arrival

Tonight was the closing ceremony for the Busan International Performing Arts Festival, and Aaron and I had free tickets to enjoy the show!

Tonight's performance was called "THE ARRIVAL" and was performed by a New Zealand theater company.  It was a migrant tale where the main character flees his homeland, leaving his wife and daughter, to journey across the sea, only to arrive in a strange, wondrous new land where giant ships fly through the air, no one speaks his language, and weird animals abound.  It's a tribute to migrants, refugees and displaced people worldwide, and was a beautiful story of overcoming hardship, of humanity and of hope!

It was definitely one of the most creative, whimsical, exquisite, imaginative, magical and innovative performances I've ever seen!

To make things even better, I got to see Monica (my old co-teacher) again!  She was hanging out at the coffee shop next to the Theater with some girlfriends and her husband.  When she saw me, she yelled, "Chelsey!!" and then nudged her husband and told him in Korean to get up and buy me a hot chocolate!  haha.  Man, I miss her!

As we were walking in the doors to find our seats, I saw my little baby Korean girl who was introducing the show!  She was really nervous, but super excited!

How cute is she?  Aaron caught this photo of me reminding her to smile on stage, 
"because we always look more beautiful when we smile!"  haha  
She ended up doing the whole welcoming speech, flawlessly!  I was such a proud teacher! 

It's always nice to have a date night out... even better when it's FREE! :)

We took a taxi back to Yeong-do and stopped in for a late night dinner at the restaurant under my apartment.  It actually closed a couple months ago and was re-opened under a new name and new owners last week.  So, we went in, sat down, and checked out the menu, which was completely in Korea.  We read through it and didn't recognize anything, so we asked the waitress for the most delicious menu item.  Her response was ******* (can't remember).  We said, great, we'll take it, and then looked it up in our phone translator... PIG TAIL!  Ummmm.... We've both tried some really weird stuff here, but pig tail was something we'd never even heard of Koreans eating!   When the server brought it to our table, it was actually THE SKIN FROM A PIG TAIL!  Eeekkkk!  Aaron and I are in to trying new things, but an entire plate of pig tail skin was something we weren't really up for indulging in.  Luckily, the server gladly allowed us to change our order to MEAT, instead of just SKIN!  lol   It turned out to be a delicious dinner and a really fun night out with A!   

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